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drive Engagement Analyst Suite overview

A new solution to an old problem.

Business analysts are often bombarded with reporting requests – whether it’s the CEO looking for strategic insights and trends, Field Managers who need performance reporting for their locations or facilitating ad-hoc requests. In all of these scenarios business analysts are faced with a data paradox. Having a large set of data is desirable when reporting on company performance. The larger the set of information, the better picture a report can paint. However, too much data from too many sources can create time consuming hurdles when trying to create customized or on-demand reports. Without the right tools for easy data extraction and manipulation, analysts can spend hours or days generating reports, when they really shouldn’t have to.


Analysts are faced with a number of challenges making their job more laborious than it should be. Some of the challenges they face include:

  • Manual data manipulation
  • Limited extraction options
  • Accessing data from multiple sources

The Analyst Suite delivers simple, pre-built data views that match analyst needs. The solution delivers side-by-side comparisons of analyst-defined segments in all data views, and new segments can be defined on-the-fly. This gives analysts the flexibility they need to support ad hoc analysis.

Analyst Suite allows your business analysts to:

Easily extract data for performance reporting

2. Analyze trends across segments

3. Discover strategic insights and brand impact

4. Answer data-driven questions quickly and easily

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