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drive Engagement GoRecommend overview

Take control of your social media presence.

Our patent-pending social networking application, GoRecommend, empowers your brand advocates to share their positive brand recommendations virally with their friends on Facebook.


Empathica’s GoRecommend solution allows brands to:

  • Automatically drive retail location awareness and traffic through social media by turning excellent guest experiences into a powerful marketing tool

  • Build relationship equity with advocates of your brand and giving you a platform to participate in a fan community with aligned promotions

  • Significantly increase brand media presence on the most popular social networking site: Facebook

  • Provide fresh relevant content to your brand’s fan page by seamless integration of posts from satisfied guests


Deliver impactful brand message in 4 simple steps:

Customer completes Empathica’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

2. Satisfied customers are invited to recommend their favorite location to their friends on

3. Customer makes recommendation using Empathica’s GoRecommend application on Facebook

4. Recommendation exposure multiplies into the social graph through ‘friend to friend’ wall
posts, fan page posts, and coupons

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