GoRecommend Features and Benefits

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drive Engagement GoRecommend features + benefits


  • Improve return on marketing investment through this cost-effective
    enhancement to the current driveExperience program


  • Get satisfied customers to drive traffic to your locations and increase brand
    awareness by recommending your brand on GoRecommend
  • No additional effort by location managers required
  • No existing social media presence necessary


  • Build relationship equity with guests by making them advocates of your brand
  • Significantly increases your brand’s presence on the most popular social
    networking site, Facebook
  • Provide the ability to launch timely and relevant coupons that reach the ‘right’
    customers and their friends


  • Leverage already existing relationships as recommendations are passed from
    friend to friend through the social graph
  • Average GoRecommend user has 142 friends: 1 recommendation generates
    142 impressions for your brand
  • Post recommendations to your brand’s fan page to provide fresh, relevant
    content to your fans

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