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drive Engagement Mobile Reporting overview

Your information. Wherever you are.

Location visits are an important part of the Field Manager role. With multiple locations under their responsibility they need quick and easy access to business critical information. Empathica's Mobile Reporting puts relevant and actionable information into the hands of your Field Managers when they are on the road. With immediate access to performance reporting on key satisfaction measures, drilldowns on service attributes and integrated customer alerts, the solution adds value to location visits by helping Field Managers to become better coaches by targeting the areas that will have the greatest impact on the customer experience—and drive same store sales growth.


Mobile Reporting arms the Field Manager with the key information they need to go into a location visit, including:

  • How does the location rank against its peers?
  • Where has the location improved/declined?
  • What are the most important issues for the location to address?
  • What are the customers saying?
  • Are there any team members that should be recognized for exceptional service?
  • What is the action plan for the location? What is the status on the action items?
  • What are the most important things to investigate while at the location?

Mobile Reporting is available via a mobile browser on any smartphone, supports the Field Manager throughout the location visit lifecycle, from preparing for the location visit, to visiting the location and developing a follow-up plan.

Mobile Reporting allows your Field Managers to:

Receive improved access to area and location reporting

2. Provide targeted coaching on opportunity areas

3. Improve the effectiveness of location visits

4. Establish evidence-based action plans with Unit Managers

5. Improve customer experience focus

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