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our clients are happy and satisfied with Empathica

our clients are happy and satisfied with Empathica

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  • Struggling to find the resources to launch a customer experience management program while you still have a full time job?
  • Worried that what you build will not deliver the ROI anticipated?
  • Concerned that you will fail in integrating your new system into the business?

Relax. We have it covered.

Our team of highly professional specialists can work with you to address any number of issues and ensure you are successful. our services include:

what we do

what you get

Program Design

Functional, technical and operational blueprint for your program.

Program Pilot

Completely managed test of our system to ensure success.

Analysis and Management Reporting

Custom analysis and presentations to create insights and measure business impact.

Advanced Analytics

Segmentation, predictive models and other information-rich outputs.

Brand Value Mapping

Clear picture on where your brand intends to deliver value vs. the competition and organization alignment around your value proposition.

Program Life Cycle Mapping

A clear road map for a multi-year program with built-in success metrics and interventions to correct program drift.

Ad Hoc Research

Quantitative and qualitative research.

Campaign Design and Creative

Marketing strategy and creative services.

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